chatbot constructor

with its own CRM system

Domino bot
  • Automate customer communications easily and quickly
  • Integrate this interaction into your business processes
  • Achieve your goals with Domino
Domino bot

Launch processes quickly

  • Import contacts and associated data
  • User-friendly no-code scenario builder
  • Flexible integration with business products

Relieve your team’s workload with a chatbot

  • The system supports customers 24/7 without any days off
  • Thousands of requests are processed simultaneously
  • The bot responds to common questions and encourages action
  • The operator team can join the dialogue at any moment or upon
    the request of the customer

Configure further
interactions with users

  • Automatic sending of messages at different time intervals
  • Flexible targeting based on contact data and user responses to
Possibility Possibility Possibility

Keep an eye on your data

  • We store all data in a secure cloud service
  • For large businesses, we support on-premises deployment with
    scalable capabilities
  • Seamless updates. We ensure that our product meets the highest
    standards by regularly releasing updates

Our Advantages


Flexible deployment options for both cloud-based and local versions


Integration with any business services


A set of tools for custom integrations


Regular security updates and audits

How to work How to work How to work

How to Implement?

We provide support from setup to expanding functionality

Use ready-made templates
or create your own

Look for new ideas
and solutions in our blog

Our Roadmap


Our plans

We will launch automatic email conversations for different types of users

Our plans

We will add the ability to build your integrations through an external API and web hooks

Our plans

We will launch new channels:
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram

Our plans

Implementation of artificial intelligence: speech recognition and machine learning

already available

Our plans

Launching Domino: No-Code Chatbot Constructor for Telegram

In this blog post, we're thrilled to present a detailed description of Domino CRM, a cutting-edge multi-channel no-code chatbot builder paired with its own CRM system

Read more
Our plans

Autumn updates of Domino CRM🍂

Automation Section: Convenient buttons have been added - Quick reply. These are pre-set reply options that appear at the bottom of the screen.

Read more


If you represent a small or medium-sized business and are looking for chatbot solutions tailored to your processes and ecosystem, we would be delighted to hear from you

You can contact us at [email protected]

Partnership Partnership

Customer Reviews

A path to Automation

The Domino team provided fast integration of automation into my cleaning business. I quickly realized the superior efficiency of chatbots compared to traditional emails and phone calls. Our conversion rates have increased quickly, and we have seen a twofold increase in repeat purchases!!!

Alexander Sattonet

Cleaning Business Owner

Simplifie Conversational

Domino is a great tool to boost your conversational marketing. I’m now able  to signifacly increase incoming leads volume without the need for manual processing. Highly recommended!

Karim Fatiq

Head of Marketing&Sales

Domino makes it easy
and transformative

Overall, I’m really happy. It’s a great way to reach my target audience and grow my business. It’s so easy to use, I’m able to build bots on my own, and integrate it without any coding, just like plug and play. Customer service is absolute top notch too!

Carmen Estes

Founder of Startup